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"Making reality better than the dream for everyone!"
Paul-Emile Desrosiers

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"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself!"
Mark Caine

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We are an international consulting and oversight firm with expertise on nation building that includes: infrastructure, airports, airline security (EDD/EDS/UAS), management, operations, large-scale development & construction of housing, emergency & disaster planning (relief & operations), healthcare management, medical facilities construction (Medical City), financial & operational risk assessments, law enforcement and security planning.

GMIIC is comprised of an international team of subject matter experts (SME) from several countries; GMIIC's capabilities and skill sets are extremely empowering and meaningful to government's most severe financial, developmental, and policy-related issues. We are a devoted, capable, long term, and cost-effective global partner that promises to meet any government's needs, whether they be financial growth, economic policy, monetary system, and/or infrastructure. GMIIC is highly unique and aligned to the needs of various governments globally due to our key facts and skill sets.

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The GMIIC group can assist nations, governments, and private entities with project financing and various other equity and capital contributions via eligible US and world banking agencies to nations for social and economic infrastructure, monetary system, and central bank financial requirements.  Financing terms can range from 5 to 35 years and are denominated in USD and Euro currency.

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GMIIC supports sovereign and sub-sovereign administrations and ministries with world-class economic and infrastructure public and foreign policies by determining the feasibility capabilities of each nation and/or project.

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GMIIC provides turn key project design, development, and management for projects involving infrastructure, real estate, and initiatives. We are one of the largest affordable housing builders to governments, globally using our proprietary building technology.



South Florida is the tech hub for international trade and we are putting cybersecurity as a primary focus with blockchain and crypto as secondary. The framework encompasses IoT, software, data & analytics, networking & telecom, cloud computing, marketing analytics and solutions architecture sales.

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To meet the needs of her people, Puerto Rican Governor Sila Calderon pledged to construct 50,000 public housing units over four years. A joint venture with DynCorp Int'l was formed as DynEagle; in which Governor Calderon entrusted this project to the Departments of HUD (USA) and Planning & Engineering (PR). In addition to this, buyers were already pre-approved by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Banking Housing Administration of Puerto Rico (Banco de Vivienda de Puerto Rico). DynEagle's patented technology and equipment have the capacity to produce 600,000 masonry blocks per month—or 600 homes, it also allows for manufacturing building blocks (produced onsite using local materials); therefore, utilizing local labor as well.

Coaxed out of retirement, Paul-Emile Desrosiers, joined the company early in 2001. He played a crucial role in fostering the strategic alliance with DynCorp to provide program management for the construction of the dwellings. While political pledges often are forgotten or compromised, the US$340 million agreement with DynEagle proved that some projects with political underpinnings can happen quickly. Beginning in June 2001, Paul-Emile Desrosiers, now the company's president and CEO, made good use of his huge network of global contacts developed for both the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations. "I created a business plan to target our market," says Desrosiers. "It's something that Eagle didn't know how to do. Then, I organized a dinner at the UN in New York with 550 invitees in June where we won the 2001 UN Aid & Trade show." The dinner netted interest from various governments such as Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Chile. It also sparked agreements with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the General Services Administration—all by Fall 2001. Pete Phelan, DynCorp's manager for this project, outlined the key ingredients that ensure project success: "We have the full cooperation of the government, a sound commercial footing and individual homeowner funding of the respective properties with individual federal loan-backing and approval. In addition, we are building a reasonable home for the money in a market that is both highly overpriced and where the demand exceeds the supply." After the Puerto Rico project, and many other housing endeavors, Paul-Emile Desrosiers is now CEO of GMIIC, and looks forward to, “Making reality better than the dream for everyone.”

Source: This project was featured in the February, 2002 publication of 'PMnetwork Project Management'


Mr. Desrosiers became the CEO of GlobalSphere, a company which completed many international infrastructure projects over the years. As of 2015, GlobalSphere expanded its services to include construction of and financial solutions for the Medical City in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Additionally, GlobalSphere's production expanded to six of the most populous states and was established in Brazil in May 2010. All aspects of company operations, legal, financial, insurance, risk assessments, funding needs, etc. have been met. 

Successful investment agreements for construction of low-income houses in the 'Minha Casa Minha Vida' (MCMV) Brazilian Housing Program and for the Medical City in Belo Horizonte. GlobalSphere is registered with the Overseas Private Investments Corporation (OPIC/US Govt.) for Political Risk and Sovereign guarantee (NHSG) insurance; as well as, local (CAR, DSU) insurance and re-insurance provided via well-established insurers.


Mr. Desrosiers, was one of the original "17" US diplomatic representatives as USCivPols assigned to the United Nations, Dept. of PeaceKeeping Operations (UNDPKO). He held various posts including Detachment Commander, Chief of Intelligence, Chief of Operations, and Chargé de Mission. Primary objectives were the establishment and role of law enforcement in post-conflict societies; as well as, creation, management, and training of emergency & disaster relief and response teams; mitigating various risk factors for airport & helicopter (fleet) security, management (OCC) & governance, nation building to improve peace operations and other complexities like children welfare, education, housing, infrastructure, IT networking systems, reporting & documentation (SitReps), etc. Tasked with creation of national police forces and implementation of criminal justice programs for complex security environment. 

Responsible for and managed key senior level personnel, including technical advisers, field operators and other experts (SMEs) from as many as 31 nations. Responsibilities ranged from management of personnel, logistics (helicopters, boats, and vehicles, etc.), emergency operations with planning for MEDEVACS, risk and crisis management evaluations, to meetings with heads of state, ambassadors, US Government (USG) and Congressional representatives responsible for financial oversight; as well as, tangible and intangible assets of the USG and UN.​


A 10,000 low-income housing project was planned in Punta Cana for the hotel employees living in the region. It was set to commence Q4 2018; however, we await successful feasibility studies and the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 that has affected all areas. For more information, click here.


Invitation from the Govt. of Guatemala (via the Office of the President) to participate in the development of infrastructural needs, especially in social housing and financing. For more information regarding this project, click here.

We are also in consideration for large-scale development of low-income housing in Peru with the current Administration (which began on July 28th, 2016). For more information on the Peru project, click here.


Project development, program management, airport security, Operations Control Center (OCC), and network programs (via US Govt & UN) for accessibility, tracking, and documentation of the effects of war and gang violence in these countries: El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia (Plan Colombia), and Mexico (Merida Initiative). Additionally, assisted in research for monetary conversion and business-related meetings with central banks and other foreign entities. Maintained liaison with VP of El Salvador for recovery efforts and programs from 12-year civil war.

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Our mission is to fill the void as the premier global infrastructure financial, insurance, and development institution in the world for developing nations, while gaining political and public policy influence through sovereign economic participation and enhancing regional and global cooperation between governments. To structure such alliances, GMIIC currently has 17 joint venture partnerships that enables us to effectively reach every nation on Earth in any field.


  • First private institution to focus exclusively on sovereign, sub-sovereign, and infrastructure: funding, development, economic development, insurance, and public policy.

  • Can coordinate select global political support for initiatives and plans.

  • We can advise and manage: monetary issues, economic planning, government budgets, and capital needs.

  • We have developed unique and proprietary liquidity Tier 1 capital products for qualified banking systems to make the banking infrastructure healthier and better capitalized.

  • Deep understanding of global financial and political environments.

  • We are multi-cultural, multi-faceted, and multi-lingual.


  • ​ We are politically neutral to all governments.

  • A global multinational private financial institution with innovative financial products for sovereign, sub-sovereign, and infrastructure clients.

  • Our products are unique and highly competitive.

  • We fill the role as a quasi development bank and monetary fund with commercial investment banking and fund manager skill sets.

  • Our organizational entities are domiciled in: the USA, Istanbul, Luxembourg, and the UK.

  • We have access to substantial USD currency liquidity from U.S. institutional funds, insurance companies, and U.S. major investment banks.

  • Primarily, we act as a major capital source of long term (20-30 year) capital for essential social and economic infrastructure projects.

  • We also act as a monetary financial provider to governments, providing private debt rather than government bonds; we are effectively the Western/American alternative to other countries' policy based loans to governments in emerging markets.

  • GMIIC jointly develops and undertakes specific country-driven focusing on nation building plans and economic stimulus programs to invest heavily in critical infrastructure. Some of these projects include low income housing, clean/renewable power, water, transportation, roads, airports, smart cities, oil and gas, refineries, education, high quality healthcare, rail, major private sector projects, and companies that create jobs and economic zones.

  • GMIIC has a proprietary monetary debt product available to central banks and finance ministers, it is similar to that of the IMF and developed countries, such as the European Bank liquidity facilities.

  • GMIIC is different than other banks or funds in that we are experts in sovereign relations and infrastructure, not only do we understand finance, but we also have the ability to risk mitigate via our own insurance companies in London.

  • Uniquely, we also maintain diplomatic relations, political relationships, and support that allow us to understand, navigate, and solve complex political issues and environments through negotiated diplomacy tied to economic initiatives and policy.


We provide assistance in creation of new monetary institutions/funds that act similarly to the European Central Bank in the European Union and provide key financial support and services. These types of institutions would ideally perform as a regional infrastructure and development financial institution, and a monetary institution, to assist local governments with their economic and financial challenges. These types of monetary institutions, which GMIIC could help to develop, would focus on the following:

  • Monetary policy to member nations.

  • Financial advice on economic matters and crisis.

  • Liquidity to member states, municipalities, and banks.

  • Debt syndication by local banks, and provide access to foreign financial and banking markets.

  • Tier 1 capital to financial markets.

  • Insurance risk mitigation including political risk insurance.

  • Currency management and advice.

  • Advice regarding stock exchange and  financial markets as needed.

  • Provide capital to member nations for budgetary purposes.

  • Prepare, structure, risk, mitigate, and fund essential projects and infrastructure.

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Miami Office

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